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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is running Arcane?

Arcane is being developed and produced by Persistent Fantasy LLC, which is owned and operated by Christopher Thomas and Brad May.

Where will Arcane events be held?

Weekend events will be held at Camp Laurelwood in Madison, CT.

Is there an age requirement to play?

Players need to be 18 years of age to participate in an Arcane event.

Can you talk about character creation?

Character creation in Arcane is extremely easy and we are focused on a low barrier of entry for our players. The idea is to create a detailed character with a richly developed backstory – combine that character history with great costuming and show up ready to play. We don’t have levels, experience points, starting skills to choose, races or classes to pick from, or any other logistical issues to fuss with.

Why are there no levels, no skills, no classes and no starting races?

We don’t think levels fit in well with the style of game we are making. By removing traditional leveling mechanics we are allowing for more progressive and organic character development. Advancement in Arcane is solely driven by the players and the paths they take to reach their goals.

Much in the same way as not having levels, we do not have experience points to accumulate or skills to buy. If you want to use a weapon, pick it up and start fighting. If you want to be stealthy, or track someone in the woods, or read an ancient scroll – do it. There will be plenty of things to discover and advance your knowledge in while you play Arcane, all of which you will require you to go out into the world and learn – not unlike real life.

Not defining classes was an equally simple decision. Like levels, they wouldn’t serve any practical purpose in our game. In most systems, classes define skills that a character can or cannot have. In Arcane, we don’t define characters that way. We hope that as you play, you choose skills consistent with the direction of growth your character desires to progress in. You may find that some skills are not complementary with others and you may find that some combinations of skills are downright dangerous, but the reasons for that will make sense based on the lore and design of the game, not arbitrary class restrictions.

For now, players will not be able to begin playing Arcane as any race other than human. We fully expect to have other races become available as our gameworld develops and one of our sandbox objectives is to allow our players to create and shape the future races of the Arcane world. We have extensive lore and backstory for our players to understand more about this throughout gameplay and players who wish to trumpet in a new race should make that a priority character objective.

Can you provide a glimpse into character development?

Character development in Arcane is very different from most other traditional LARPs. Instead of accumulating experience points and buying skills off of a list, you gain practical experience and learn skills by discovering and practicing them. For example, if you want to learn some basic magic, stopping by the Mages Guild and signing up for a class would be a good place to start. Or if you find an interesting rune on the body of a dead ratkin, taking it to the arcane blacksmith and inquiring about forging it into your weapon could provide a powerful result. We believe this learning process equates to a deeper sense of realism.

On a very basic level, getting better at fighting with a sword is all about practicing and learning to fight better with a sword. When runic effects are imbued into weapons, a new avenue for developing your character into a more powerful fighter opens up. In that way, a character who chooses to adventure and focus on weapon enhancements can progress into a very formidable martial adversary.

How far that progression can go and what can be “unlocked” along the path are part of the mystery and adventure that comprise the Arcane experience. A warrior who adds the right weapon enhancements may find themselves commanding unexpected power and prestige in battle.

Paths of character advancement are varied and richly detailed. There are progressions in place to accommodate a host of possibilities that cover the spectrum of traditional fantasy classes and professions – for players who enjoy combat via weapons, magic or alchemy and for players who enjoy tradeskills, politics or intrigue. The system has been designed to accommodate the player and their individual style of play.

What makes Arcane a “premier” gaming experience?

Most of this FAQ is going to speak to the unique aspects of Arcane. Here are a few of our core philosophies:

  • We are heavily invested in making Arcane a truly immersive gaming experience through the use of high quality costuming, masks, weapons, armor, lighting, special effects and a host of other detailed props. Our goal is to create an amazing environment for our game to exist in, where our players can truly lose themselves. At an Arcane event, you can expect to experience the unexpected.
  • We are holding our players to the same standard that we are holding ourselves. We have stringent minimum costuming requirements which players must adhere to in order to participate in an event. You will not be adventuring with someone dressed in sweatpants wielding a boffer sword. We recognize that the players and the community are the most important elements in a successful and thriving LARP.
  • We have developed our own rules system from the ground up to support the game. The rules are lightweight and have been designed to present a minimum barrier of entry for new players.
  • We’ve designed an innovative system for our NPC’s which reimagines the LARP experience for both players and non-player characters alike. Our NPC’s have near full autonomy which allows them to play characters who, much like players, have their own quests, objectives, and advancement options which they are free to pursue in their own way. By blurring the lines between NPC’s and PC’s, Arcane provides a deeply immersive fantasy environment.

Can you expand on any other unique game features?

We are implementing a “real world” currency system which will allow players to buy game currency and use it during Arcane events. With this system, transactions will not break game immersion and will help bind players to the game world. Players can buy a substantial amount of goods and services in-game – ranging from food and drinks in the tavern to suits of armor and weapons from the blacksmith – all with game currency.

Will players find currency as treasure?

Currency will be a part of our treasure distribution but it will not be as commonly found as it is in other game systems. We believe in a risk versus reward system coupled with a degree of random chance and we plan to give away hundreds of dollars in game currency at our events. Will you be brave enough and lucky enough to fill your pouches?

Can you expand on treasure?

Everyone loves treasure! Our currency is just a small part of the treasure that fills our world. Our philosophy with treasure is that it should always be 100% real and tangible. We’re not going to hand you a tag for a magic sword or a piece of armor – we’re going to hand you an amazing custom made sword or breastplate! If that sword is enchanted, there is a good chance it will have glowing runes on the blade and other amazing custom details. That new breastplate may be your reward for joining the Halcyon Guard and it will be stylized with their symbol emblazoned on the front of it.

All of our other treasure consists of equally realistic props. It will not be uncommon to find magical runes, real gemstones and all manner of other oddities used for magic, alchemy, healing and other professions.

Can you talk in more depth about the costuming requirements for players?

It is critically important to the look and feel of the game that all of our players do their part to integrate and immerse themselves into the world. Part of our event check-in logistics will be for all players to get into their costuming for approval by our staff. We recommend players email us with any questions prior to showing up for an Arcane event. We also encourage players to send us a picture of their costume for advance approval to avoid any issues at check-in.

Some general guidelines:

  • Costuming must be of good quality and fit in the lore of the game world. While we     absolutely encourage high production value costuming, please seek approval before hand for anything overly stylized to avoid potential conflicts. For example, a costume based on traditional Spartan culture may conflict with an established culture within Arcane lore.
  • Players must avoid wearing sneakers, clothing with logos, sweatpants, watches and any other clothing items or accessories which break immersion.
  • Players are highly encouraged to wear armor.
  • Players may not use “boffer” weapons.

Do you have resources available for players to purchase approved equipment?

The last thing we want to do is stifle the creativity of the gaming community. If you have the skills to make your own costuming or props, we highly encourage you to do so. However, we have worked very hard to develop relationships with vendors who provide a full spectrum of props necessary to participate in an Arcane event.

We have a special partnership with Dragon Armoury, a company headed by Jamie Cooling, who is an industry veteran and leader in Hollywood quality gaming creations. All of Dragon Armouries work for Arcane is handmade and fully customized. Jamie’s unique and exceptional products will be available for purchase during our events and Jamie himself will be playing a major role as the settlement’s Blacksmith. Arcane is the only game in the world where you can see and purchase his equipment, which comes all the way from the UK. Beyond that, your character will be able to earn items created by Dragon Armoury as treasure and rewards through exceptional gameplay and other epic in-game events!

We are also proud to be partnered with Medieval Collectibles, the largest online distributor of Medieval and Renaissance items. In addition to their extensive online catalogue, Medieval Collectibles will be running a fully realized, one-of-a-kind retail shop for players to buy everything from Arcane appropriate weapons, armor and costuming to feastware, drinking vessels and jewelry. Someone who has never LARPed before can show up and be outfitted with everything they need to be ready to play. Not only will the shop be available for players to purchase merchandise, it will have a rich and detailed place in the game setting. Characters can interact with the shop’s proprietors as part of the game experience during events, potentially undertaking quests or becoming involved in the politics and intrigue that surround the powerful Trading Companies of Terith. With the right amount of influence, a player might even gain enough favor with the shopkeeper to unlock completely unique and exclusive items!

For a glimpse at some of the merchandise that will be available, check out Medieval Collectible’s website here: http://www.medievalcollectibles.com/